10 Wardrobe Essentials for Every College Student

By: Shayna Sullivan ’22

1.  A sweatshirt

Make the sweatshirt about 1-2 sizes bigger than you are used to. When you are just in the library, going to class, or hanging out in your room, chances are you aren’t going to have the energy to dress up. My freshman year, I thought that I would wear so many cute sweaters in the winter, but the reality is, when you are walking through the snow in the middle of winter and it’s 0 degrees outside, the thing you will be reaching for the most isn’t going to be your favorite Hollister sweater that requires jeans; it will be a sweatshirt. So, make sure it is one that you can wear with almost anything. Trust me, you’re going to be wearing this at least four out of the seven days in the week. 

2. A good pair of black leggings 

These are an absolute must have. If a comfy sweatshirt wasn’t at number one, leggings would be. A pair of black leggings can be worn with almost anything. They can be worn with a sweatshirt for a more casual and comfortable look, with a sweater or cardigan, and even with a fancier shirt when you are going out but don’t want to be uncomfortable. And, the best thing about black leggings is that you can find them anywhere! Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on these. I guarantee that your black leggings will be your go-to choice of pants for classes, so they will get a lot of use. 

“The one thing I cannot live without is my black leggings!” said Sabine Mende, ’22

3. Raincoat

Your weather app may seem like it is a great thing to go by, but there will most likely be times where you walk out of your last class and it is raining, even though the app told you it was going to be sunny all day. A rain jacket is just what you need for those dull rainy days that will keep you warm and most importantly – dry. 

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4. Winter jacket 

Here’s the thing: New England gets very, very cold.  But, there’s something about Worcester, MA in January that is just unnatural. You absolutely need a warm jacket. Even if you think you like the cold, or do not want to spend the money, you need it. A winter jacket is so helpful especially when walking around campus at night to get to things such as extracurriculars or the dining hall. It may seem a bit basic, but a black jacket that goes down to about your knees is one of the best purchases you can make. Black goes with everything, and the length keeps you extra warm through the winter. 

“Making the decision to buy a longer jacket was life saving,” said Cassie Carvalho, ’22.

5. Cute but comfortable jeans 

A comfortable yet cute pair of jeans is a must have for any college student. Mom Jeans are very in style lately, and they can be cute paired with something casual to class or even a tank top when you are going about your Saturday night. These jeans would be your go-to when you are doing anything on the weekend because you can wear them all day, to any event, and still remain comfortable and cute. 

6. White Converse or Vans 

White Converse or Vans, while not the best walking shoes unless broken in, can be a casual shoe that ties together any outfit. They can be worn with either leggings or jeans. They are the perfect thing to pair with any outfit and these simple shoes, while they can be a little pricy, are cleaned very easily because they are canvas, so the money’s worth it! 

7. A hat 

The best kind of hat you can wear is one with the Assumption College logo on it. This is a good way to show your school spirit but also keep your bad hair day under wraps. Hats don’t always have to cover up a bad hair day, they are also a very simple accessory that can turn any outfit from casual to cute in seconds. 

“When I don’t feel like washing my hair, which believe me, we all go through, a hat is my go to,” said Emily Finnegan, 22′. 

8. Slippers 

Slippers are one thing that may sound weird at first, but they are something a lot of people swear by, especially during your freshman year. Whether it is just wearing them around your room, to your neighbors, or down the hall at 3:00 am when you really need to go to the bathroom, a pair of slippers is the easiest option to slip on and wear throughout the dorm. When you are extremely tired and barely awake, no one wants to put on sneakers just to walk down the hall, and going barefoot is just not an option (do not do that!) Any pair of slipper is a comfortable alternative to other shoes when casually hanging out in the dorms. 

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9. Comfortable sneakers 

Any pair of sneakers with a comfortable sole are going to absolutely save you when it comes to walking from class to class. My girls and I did some experimenting, we walked an average of about 3 miles a day just to and from classes and the dining hall! If we are all walking that much, it calls for a really good pair of walking shoes. Sneakers are a perfect fit with so many outfits. They can be worn with leggings, shorts, and even some jeans if you style them the right way! 

10. College apparel 

If you spent a day walking around the Assumption’s campus and did not see one person wearing Assumption College gear, it would be a miracle. An essential for any college student would be to have as much apparel as they possibly could. The Assumption College Bookstore is the best place to find anything with the school’s name across the front. Having college apparel is a good way to help yourself feel like you belong here on campus even a little bit more. Plus, this will give you things to wear at school sporting events such as football and basketball games. 

“My Assumption College sweatshirts are something that I wear once a week at the least!” said Olivia Dube ’22

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