Disney+ Gets an A+

By: Sheila Orlando ’20

The end of the semester is a busy time for all students, with projects to be completed, tests to be studied for, and papers upon papers to be written. While sitting in the library one day pondering the countless math problems we had to solve for our next test, a couple friends and I found ourselves doing anything to distract us from our work. As kids of the late 90’s  and early 2000’s and the recent release of Disney+, we were all intrigued. We impulsively purchased a Disney account right then and there. The longer I think about this purchase, the less I regret it. Personally, I have found that a Disney+ subscription has an abundance of positive aspects that make it undeniably the best buy of 2019. Here are a few of my favorite features:

Multiple Users

As college-aged students, we are always “ballin on a budget.” This means cutting corners with our wallets wherever and whenever we can. So, my friends and I decided we would all share the Disney+ account to help cut the monthly cost (which I’ll talk about in a minute). We did not do our research on whether the service accommodated multiple users, and instead just prayed that more than one viewer could be watching on different devices from one account. Leaving the library, we all logged on to our separate computers to find out. I received a text from my friend asking what I was watching. When I replied, he said he was watching something completely different and neither of us were kicked off. In fact, Disney+ allows up to four devices to stream at a time. This meant that we were both getting to have our own experience and would not have to end up calling each other to get off so that we could watch our favorite Disney movies and shows. 

Affordable Pricing

Disney+ is offering two different packages for users to buy. For those who have the money, they can opt to buy the premium style package that costs $12.99 per month and includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN. The other package (aka the one for those of us balling on a budget!) is $6.99 a month and only opens Disney+. When dividing this among 3 friends, it costs us a mere $2.33 a month. We rationalized this purchased when we all realized that was the cost of one Boston Donuts Coffee. We all know we spend far more than that on coffee in a week, so it’s completely worth getting unlimited access to a streaming network at this monthly price. 

Movies For All 

The morning Disney+ launched, many articles were published listing the over 600 titles that would be available. Many people do not realize how many different television and movie companies are actually owned by Disney. Pixar and Marvel are just a few of the many offered on the streaming service. This means that almost everyone will have something on this platform that they want to watch. Family movie nights will no longer be a struggle because everyone’s favorites will all be accessible from one place. Or, when you are sitting in your room on a Friday night and all your roommates are trying to decide on a movie, you have all genres of movies at your disposal. 


For those of us interested in Disney+, we are looking to view some of our childhood favorites. The movie I had the hardest time in the world finding before Disney+ was High School Musical 3. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Now, with Disney+, its within reach at all times and with the previous two movies. That means marathons whenever I want! For our parents, there are titles the “Freaky Friday” and “The Parent Trap”, the versions that were filmed during their childhoods. I know for myself, the first thing I wanted to watch was reruns of “Lizzie Miguire”, my favorite show as a child and probably still my favorite show now. I could not even pick where to start watching because the more I scrolled through the options, the more excited I got. There were so many titles I had not seen in forever and so many that I have wanted to see but never got around to. 

Perfect for the Christmas Season

If you are anything like my mom and I, then the holiday season means way way way too many christmas movies. Each day we watch a new cheesy, halloween movie. This year the two of us will be adding to our usual list the many titles that are offered by Disney+. This streaming service is ready to buddy up to you, your family, your winter blankets, and a nice cup of hot chocolate. With titles like, “12 Dates of Christmas”, “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas”, and “Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish”, we are all ready to tackle this holiday season from the comfort of our couches.

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