Five Date Ideas for Spring Break

Shayna Sullivan ’22

  1. Botanical Gardens – There are many Botanical Gardens all around, and they are all beautiful. The majority of them are either cheap or they are free, so that is an added bonus to this date. Going to a botanical garden can be very romantic, and very fun. One very beautiful Botanical Garden is in Northampton, MA at Smith College. It is completely free and extremely  beautiful! 
  2. Aquarium – Everyone loves animals! Sharing that love with the person you love is a great way to spend a day during your spring break. Who wants to go away to a tropical place when you can go to the Aquarium and watch sea animals for hours? Now, aquariums can be pretty expensive, so it may be best to check websites such as group on to make sure that you are getting the best rate you can. 
  3. Roller Skating Rink– This date can be a no no for those who are clumsy out there. But even if you are clumsy, it can be something that you are your partner can laugh about for a long time after you fall multiple times and possibly break a bone or two. The best times in any relationship are the times where you can laugh together and be together, and this date would be no exception. This can be a fun and cheap date for any couple to go on. It may also make your spring break a little less mundane. 
  4. Fort and Movie Marathon – For those days when you just don’t feel like going outside. We all have those days, and most of the time, it can be nice to spend those days with a significant other. You can make this date very fun by bringing your favorite show on Netflix or your favorite movies with the person that you love! This can make any rainy day or even lazy day fun while keeping it relaxing. 
  5. Downtown Taste Test – A fun day could consist of finding the small local restaurants downtown in your hometown and trying them out! This can be a good thing to do with your partner, and you can even make this one a fun double date. You could do this as a night out out on the town or a fun spring afternoon outing. Any way you do it, this date could be romantic and a way for you to experience new things and hidden gems that you didn’t know you were missing! 

*Valley Girl Magazine does not own the photo used for this article

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