Organizing A Planner for Success

Shayna Sullivan ’22

The course work that one college class entails can be overwhelming, and when you multiply that by five, it can make college seem very overwhelming.Vicki Nelson at College Parent Central says that the basic standard that the majority of professors follow is 2-3 hours of study time for every 1 hour spent in class. For a student at Assumption taking 5 classes, which is the normal course load, that would be equivalent to 30-45 hours of homework per week. Now, for some students, it may take them more or less time to complete the assigned homework, but even at the least, this is an overwhelming amount of work. One of the best ways to manage all of this work is a planner. A planner can be your best friend throughout the week. 

The first thing that to do when you get your syllabi at the beginning of each semester is go through all of them and write in when each big assignment or test is planned for. Doing this can help you look at when everything is due at once. This can help you determine how much time you need to spend on each assignment, and which weeks will be the busiest. Once you have planned out all of the months in your semester with classwork, then it would be a good idea to move onto social events. 

A planner can be more than just a way to manage school work. When done the right way, a planner can help you to become organized in all other aspects of your life. The next step would be to put any meetings, club activities and events that you are positive will be happening during each month. It can be a way to help you remember what you need to do and when it needs to be done. This is also a good way to avoid double booking yourself. Make sure to put the times of these events if you know what they are so when scheduling things in the future, you have something to refer back to. 

Something that most planners offer is a brief overview of the month. Here, you can include things like goals, to do’s for the month, birthdays, reminders, and other important dates. This section is very helpful for some people as it can sum up the month in just one page. You can manage your goals in a way that makes them seem more attainable. Monthly goals should be broad and completed over a long period of time. Weekly goals should be more specified and something that you can attain a shorter period of time.

When it comes to managing your week, color coding each class can make the planner much easier to look at. A different color for each of the five classes makes organizing your week more manageable, and it can also help you remember what you have for each class. This is because when you go down the list of colors, you will notice if you do not have a color on your schedule for the day. If you notice this, you can double check that that color shouldn’t be on the schedule. It may also be good to pick a different color for social events and school events happening that week. List each assignment for each class and make sure there is a place to check it off when done. 

There are many different planners that you can choose from. One of the best places to find cheap planners is Tj Maxx. They have a very big selection of planners ranging from $3.99-$16.99. There are planners that you can choose from that have a weekly view, and some with a daily view. You can choose the planner based on preference, but anyone you chose should be the one that will best fit you!

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