Senior Year Bucket List: From One College Senior to Another

By: Kayli Berardinelli ’20

1. Experience the live music your college town has to offer

There are most likely so many hidden gems that you have yet to discover. Why not take a chance and listen to some live music for a night! In Worcester there is the Palladium, DCU center for larger concerts, Ralph’s Diner, The Raven, The Hanover Theater, and WCUW occasionally puts on acoustic shows in their studio.

2. Take more pictures and videos

It may just be me, but I know that I am not one to take out my phone to start recording or to take a picture in everyday life. Though this can be a good thing that allows you to live in the moment, I am also a sentimental mess. So, take the pictures of your friends on a random Tuesday. Capture their laugh or smile so you can remember how much that moment meant to you. You are going to need something to show your kids one day to prove you had friends in college. 

3. Plan time to sit down and have a meal with your roommates 

The days are so chaotic and they only get busier as the semester draws to an end. Schedule the time to all sit down together, put the phones away, and enjoy each other’s company. And they say food brings people together so what better way then to share a meal! 

4. Go to the dining hall for brunch one weekend

You probably haven’t been back since you got a kitchen, but it is nice to reminisce on your younger years when you would go into the dining hall and sit and talk to your friends for hours. Sometimes even after you already ate, you would swipe back in just to hangout with your friends. Brunch is always a yes!

5. Take advantage of the events your college puts on 

Here is a secret that you may not have heard, your college organizations put on events on the weekends. I know crazy. These are often really cool and you normally have a chance to win prizes. Plus you are paying for it with your student activities fee. So what is one Friday or Saturday of not doing the same exact thing when you could mix it up and try something new! I guarantee you won’t regret it. 

6. Move all your beds into the living room and have a sleepover

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would have these large sleepovers at your friends house where you all slept on the floor and no one actually slept because you were too busy laughing? Who said that had to end when you grew up? Why not bring all of your mattresses into the living room and have yourselves a proper sleepover! We only have so many nights left sharing a room with your best friends let’s make them stories to tell. 

7. Try new restaurants and coffee shops 

You have been in this town for four years now and you have developed your favorite places. Those are amazing and I would love to compare lists! But I am sure for every place you have been to there are two more that you haven’t. So do some googling, ask your friends for their lists and try those holes in the walls because you will never know what amazing things you will find! 

8. Soak up the unique things your college town has to offer

Likewise to the restaurants and cafes, you have lived here for four years but sadly that time is coming to an end. Now is your chance to truly experience the city while you still can. Go to your local art museum, you typically can get in for free on certain days using your school id. Go to local shops, not only are you supporting local business and your college town, but you will most likely find unique things that you can’t find anywhere else. 

9. Play more

In a few months we are destined to step out of our comfortable bubble into the “real world”. Be a kid while you can. If it snows go sledding, play board games, have a dance party on a Wednesday afternoon. You are only young once, please don’t be older until you get there and even when you are there never forget how to play. Wonder and hope is what makes life bright. 

10. Get to know the people in your class

Yes you have seen the walking around campus. But what do you know about them? This is college and it is almost over, it is time to try and get to know the people you have passed by for the past four years. Talk to the person next to you. It is never too late to put yourself out there. You never know what could happen. Also, the closing portion of senior year is a lot more likely to be fun if you are in a room with friends vs. acquaintances. 

11. Go to senior week

With that being said, go to senior week! This is a celebration of getting through and soaking it all in. Here is one last chance to decide how your story here will end. 

Soak it all in. Say yes to more things than you say no to. Every story must come to an end. Let’s make the class of 2020 a good one! 


A Fellow Senior

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