Book Review: Harry Potter

By Olivia Dube ’22

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Dube, and I decided to start a book review column since I am such a book nerd! When I was younger, I actually hated reading and never thought that I would ever love it, but now I actually do love it. During quarantine, especially when classes ended, there were only so many tv shows I could watch, so I decided that I would try and read as many books as I could! For this book review, I decided to kick it off with the entire, and I mean ENTIRE, Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. 

Now, I know what you are all thinking, ‘these are children’s books.’ Did it really take you this long to finish all seven? Yes, yes, it did. I am one of those people that watched the movies before I read the books and became obsessed with the series as a whole. It never dawned on me that I could ever read the books. So, when quarantine came around, I decided that I would do it …  I was going to read all seven of these books. Now that I am done with the entire series, I want to talk about some things I enjoyed while reading, some things that I did not like while reading, and my overall experience with the series. 

When it comes to enjoying the books, I really did enjoy reading every single book. I already knew the main plot points because of the movies. However, I read so much detail in the books that I would have missed out on if I had only watched the movies. Each book told its story so differently that I got sucked into it while reading. I loved how invested I was able to get within each story. I know that reading can sometimes be boring for people, especially when it is a seven-part book series. However, J.K Rowling did an incredible job telling each story differently while also making sure she was not repetitive. One thing I enjoyed most of all throughout these books is that it brought its own British twist into the series. I know that may seem obvious to some people, but while reading, I found it much more enjoyable to learn new things about British culture. Being from the United States, it was fascinating to hear about all of these different things that people used in the U.K. that we would never use here. And I made sure to look up things so that I would know if the author made it up for the actual series or if it was something used in British culture. Overall, the entire series made me never want to put a book down, and it also made me really sad when I actually finished. 

There were only minuscule things that made some parts of the book unenjoyable for me. This is something that is partially my fault because I had watched the movies already, and while reading the books, it made me wish that I had not done that. Knowing some of the big plot points made reading the books a little less fun (only a little) because I already knew all of the big things that happened, so there were no big surprises for me. The only surprises for me were just the little details that were not fully explained in the movie. Now, I know that this is my fault because I watched the movies before I read the books, but that is probably the only thing that bothered me while reading the books. 

Now, if you couldn’t tell already, you can probably guess that I loved the series as a whole. Going into this book series, I knew I would be head over heels in love with it. If watching the movies made me overly obsessed with the entire series, I knew that reading the books was going to make me even more obsessed. I thought that each book was well written, creative, and pushed my imagination to the very next level. For being a children’s book, I felt it also related back to how I am feeling now as a 21-year-old, which to me is crazy. Yes, I do have a favorite book and a least favorite book, my favorite being Half Blood Prince and least favorite being The Order of the Phoenix. But that really does not mean I did not enjoy all of the other books, I just liked those two the most. Of course, I encourage all people to go and read the book series, if you want to feel like a child again. Hopefully, reading this book review has also made you think about starting to read again, and if not I hope you enjoyed it anyway! 

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