Happy Hour: Dating Through the Ages

By: Joe Letizio ’22

While dating through the years has changed, one thing remains the same: no one wants to date someone who doesn’t have anything to offer the other person. As you read this, you need to understand the importance of being content with yourself! Being comfortable in your own skin is essential due to the struggles that come with dating and trying to find someone to date. The most common struggle of dating is rejection. No one likes rejection, but it teaches us how to be resilient and trust ourselves through the dating process. When you do this for yourself, you’ll be able to feel freer, and soon your confidence will grow. 


In a world filled with social media, one thing is clear; dating has become more challenging both face to face and online. Nonetheless, today’s society has shifted from meeting someone in person to dating apps such as Tinder.

Tinder: One swipe is all it takes!


  • Can post up to 9 photos or a video loop.
  • Prevalent on college campuses.
  • It can adjust for distance and age range.


  • You need a phone number linked to the account.
  • Superficial.

When it comes down to it, some people will never understand or even like Tinder. (I want to tell you that it is ok). The key to this app, let alone dating, is having patience. It is essential to understand that many individuals start to develop feelings for their friends in one way or another. If this does happen, you should first think about if you want to date them. However, it is crucial to remember that dating apps are nothing to be ashamed of. The stigma of long-term relationships started with dating apps. These platforms are vital since the pandemic has affected us to get personal to those we have yet to meet.

If you need some advice, make a list of all the characteristics you are looking for. From there, you should consider if it is a good fit for you to date them. Some of the traits I have based my relationships on is from the following:

  • Are they easy-going?
  • What are their goals for the future?
  • Do their goals fall in line with yours? (Do they want a family, where do they want to live, etc.).

But keep in mind that while this may seem challenging, the list you made will help guide you in the right direction. The list should contain the five top characteristics you are looking for. After all, we should be mindful of what we truly are looking for rather than just liking someone because they are good looking.


Yes, it is great to fall in love but keep in mind that those butterflies you are feeling are actual warnings from yourself about the other person. It is important to understand that “The One” may not always exist. This is why it is crucial to create a list. After seeing someone, you can then refer back to the list but, in the end, realize that the list never mattered. While some may say that this is ridiculous, most people usually settle, which is neither good nor bad. (It is what it is).

*Valley Girl does not own the photo used in this article.

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