Assumption’s Favorite Holiday Movies

Assumption Students sent their favorite holiday movies to Valley Girl Magazine! The winter is the perfect time to curl up and watch a good movie. Valley Girl Magazine decided to ask the students of Assumption University to share their favorite holiday movie with us!

Angie Martinez ‘21 My favorite winter/holiday movie is The Little Drummer Boy. It is a short stop motion animated film that really gets the meaning of Christmas across! The music is incredible, and the artistry of stop motion never ceases to amaze me. It reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for and lifts my heart.

Catherine Donnelly ‘21 One of my favorite holiday movies to watch is A Christmas Story. It is a classic that my family has always watched every year and it never fails to make me laugh. It is one of those movies that you find yourself quoting all year long and always conveys the excitement, and sometimes chaos, that the holiday season brings.

Melissa Brennan ‘22 One of my favorite holiday movies is “Prep and Landing.” It’s one of my favorite movies because its story line is so different than all the others we typically watch at Christmas. It is a cute film that takes a look at the elves, who are more like detectives, and how they help Santa deliver all the presents behind the scenes. I think it’s so cute and fun to watch, I totally recommend it! 

Melissa Brennan ‘22 One of my favorite holiday films is “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” To me, it is the perfectly blend of comedy, inclusion, family, and community. The holidays are a time when people can come together and give back. The Grinch creates the perfect storyline of overcoming challenges with the kindness of others in the holiday spirit to capture the true magic of Christmas. 

Caitlin Sze ‘24 My favorite winter Holiday would have to be Christmas. It is my favorite because families are able to spend quality time together without having to hustle around getting errands done. Christmas just makes me happy because I am able to see my relatives and spend time with the people I love.

*Valley Girl does not own the image used in this article.

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