Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere

Olivia Dube ‘22

Hey everyone! So I know that the holiday season is upon us all and even though there are so many books I can talk about, I decided to go with one that does not quite fit in with holiday cheer. It is a very famous book that was recently turned into a tv show. And of course this time I decided to read the book instead of watching the show first so that I can get a better idea of what it is about. The book is called Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I first got into this book because my friend actually recommended it to me. I am usually more into the teen romance type of novels, but this time I decided to give this book a try. 

    This book is many different stories wrapped into one. It takes place in a small town in Cleveland that is known as the “perfect” society. There is a family there named The Richardsons who are known as being the perfect family. Then enters Mia Warren with her teenage daughter Pearl, and soon everything about this town changes. This story is full of ups and downs with many different scenarios that fully pull the entire story together. Like last time, I am going to recall my favorite parts of the story and also (if there are any) my least favorite parts of the story. 

    One thing I loved about this story is how the author was able to connect everyone into one novel. The layout of this reminded me of movies like Love Actually, where there are many different stories that people have but they are connected all together in the end. The beginning of the story actually starts with the ending and it goes back in time to recall everything that happens within the book. The author did an amazing job with writing this novel. I was drawn in the entire time and I literally could not put the book down at all. I believe I finished this book in two days, so it was really encapsulating. I also have been getting more into reading books that have a mystery aspect to them and I feel that this book brought some of that within the story. All of the characters each had their own personality that was crucial to the story within the book. This book represented how some people may seem like they are nice and innocent on the outside, but really aren’t on the inside. Something that I really like about some books is that when an author writes a character that makes you hate the person with a burning passion. Now, I know that may sound a little strange, but when a person can create a personality that is truly hateful, I feel that they can truly create anything. There were characters in this novel that I thought were awful people at moments, and I really liked how the author made that happen. This book was truly a pageturner and I would 100% recommend reading it. 

    There were not really any parts of the story that I did not like. Everything about this book made the story flow and I was intrigued by the moment I opened the book. I know that there is a tv show with this book so I started watching it, but after a couple of episodes I decided to stop watching it. They completely change one character, they change something about her that is not the same as it was explained in the book. And one of my biggest pet peeves is when tv producers change something from the book to the tv show just to try and “get more views”. So, being the person that I am, I stopped watching the show so that it did not ruin the book for me.
    Like I said before, I truly recommend reading this book if you are into characters with different personalities and having them all connect towards one story. I think that this book is a quick read because it is truly mind boggling and makes you want to continue reading even more. Now, hopefully when finals end, you can read this book and enjoy a nice relaxing holiday break! 

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