Covid-19 Friendly Winter Activities

Julia Jacobsen ‘22

As the holiday season approaches, we struggle to find Covid safe activities to do with family and friends. Being remote for a full semester of college with most of my friends from home back at school I have patiently waited for my friends to come home. With the cold weather, you can’t find many things to do outside but with all my time being home I have discovered some great and safe ways to hang out with friends and family. The first thing that you could do is go watch the sunrise or sunset. Everyone could drive separate cars, grab some blankets and sit and watch the sunrise or sunset at your favorite spot. The next thing you could do is find some outdoor dining with heaters! Enjoying the restaurant experience while still being Covid safe and staying outside in limited groups can be a blast. You could also be in the same car with your friends if you’re all wearing masks. You could find a drive through light show. Lastly you can always have a socially distant bonfire with friends or family. You’ll be able to stay warm and have fun with friends or family. You just must make the best out of the situation going on and just enjoy that time that you can spend with others

*Valley Girl does not own the image used in this article.

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