Movie Review: The Polar Express

Joseph Letizio ‘22

As Legend Kid lies wakeful in bed, there is a thunder in the road and a traveler train lumbers into see. The kid runs outside in his shower robe and shoes, and the conductor encourages him to come aboard. After his belief in magic dwindling by the year, Legend Kid is becoming a freethinker alarmingly soon on the Santa Clause question, and the Polar Express obviously transports such children toward the North Pole, where truth can be stranger than fiction.

After Billy barley makes it on the train headed to the North Pole, the viewer is able to recognize how diverse the train is. Following the fun filled ride with complimentary hot chocolate and Hero Boy (Tom Hanks), looking for Hero Girl (Nona Gaye) after she misplaced her ticket giving hot chocolate to the less fortunate child from the wrong side of the tracks. Tom Hanks’ character shines a light on believing in oneself and helping out those around them.

After the train arrives at the North Pole, Santa Clause, in this rendition, is a decent and nice man, matter-of-reality and genuine: an expert man, managing his responsibility. The mythical beings resemble the group at a political assembly. A grouping including a sack brimming with toys is seen from a high point that sensationalizes Santa Clause’s activity, yet doesn’t romanticize it; this isn’t Jaunty St. Scratch, however Claus Inc. There is for sure something a little alarming pretty much each one of those mythical beings with their extreme, precise appearances and their crowd attitude. 

As Tom Hanks’ character becomes chosen to select the first gift each viewer watches in amaze as he selects a bell to remember the experience of what it is to believe in something others do not. As the years go by each of us stop believing what it’s like to believe in something that has no special meaning which can still be found in those who believe during this special time of year. 

*Valley Girl does not own the image used in this article.

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