The Hallmark Family Tradition

Joseph Letizio ‘22

While each one of us has our own traditions, there is one that unites every one of us; it is the Hallmark Movie Tradition. As families develop and change, clinging to the best of our traditions gives a feeling of congruity in our own lives. It keeps us associated with our progenitors and to our social legacy. 

No matter what the tradition is, food has a significant impact in pretty much every occasion, and has become a convention during Christmas for me and my family from preparing Italian treats with my grandma to making cherry dunked in chocolate mice with my Aunt there is something to eat for the entire family. 

Despite the fact that it can now and again be troublesome when relinquishing certain customs, it is significant that through doing so you permit different conventions to have its spot. With this being stated, I have as of late, delighted in watching Hallmark motion pictures with my close family as the colder air makes it route around town espresso and hot cocoa can be seen all around after all it is really the best season. 

Although Elf is not a Hallmark movie, it was a tradition in my family ever since I was little. However, as the years progressed so did the movie traditions, currently the movies me and my family watches together are Hallmark movies; Winter In Vail, Pearl In Paradise, and Christmas In Rome.

Despite the fact that this year might be distinctive, recall that this also will pass, yet the recollections whether virtual or in person are more grounded than before and rightfully so as we begin to regrasp what was once important to each one of us which is family. This holiday season, start a new tradition and allow The Hallmark Family become part of your family!

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