Berkshire Born Thrift

Emma Ganci ‘22

Supporting small businesses has been a priority since Covid-19. That said, many people have created online thrift stores due to a lack of indoor shopping. Thrift stores buy and sell used clothes that are more affordable. Not only is it beneficial to the environment, but also to people who are looking for more reasonably priced clothing. Online thrift stores, such as on Instagram, have made buying clothes more accessible. A page I have previously shopped at is Berkshire Born Thrift (@berkshirebornthrift), located on Instagram. I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner, Megan Kohlenberger, on her booming business. 

Meagan is 23 years old and recently graduated from Framingham State in 2019. She first started her Instagram-based thrift store business in March 2020. Meagan said she previously bought from thrift pages and decided to start her own. She was amazed by all of the fun items and decided she would give it a try!

Her favorite part of Berkshire Born Thrift is finding all the unique items in each thrift store. Meagan states, “If I could go to the thrift store every day of the week, I would! It’s honestly become an addiction… I always think, what can I find today that wasn’t here two days ago.” 

While Meagan has enjoyed her small business experiences, there are some hardships. She says that promoting her business to the public is the hardest part. Throughout Instagram, there are multiple thrift accounts, and Meagan said, “we are all trying to get [our] pieces out to new people.”

The casual scroller can find anything ranging from Free People to Lululemon.  Before Meagan buys articles of clothing, she asks herself, “If I wouldn’t wear this, why would someone else?” However, she does like to spice it up by adding multiple other styles as well. 

One of her favorite pieces to find is Lululemon. Meagan says she gets excited because her “followers love it, and [she] can offer it to them for a fraction of the price!” 

Listed below is the bidding process described by the owner: 

When a drop (collection of clothing) is posted, all of the items are up for bidding. Each item posted will include a description of the item, including the brand and size. The starting bid will also be listed as well as a buy-it-now (bin) price. Bidders have the option to bid on the item or buy it now. The buy-it-now option includes the shipping price, and as soon as an item is binned and paid for, the bidding stops. If the item does not get binned, bidding will last 24 hours from when the drop was posted. For example, if a drop is posted at 7 pm, each item that gets bid on the bidding will end the following night at 7 pm.

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