Brianna Serio

Joseph Letizio ‘22

I am very passionate about sustainability, so being able to give my clothes a second life is important to me.


From Madewell to Abercrombie & Fitch Brianna Serio is one individual people will remember. When I first asked her if she always was interested in fashion she told me it was her life from a young age. When it came time to apply for her first job, she chose the popular clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch as a brand representative.

First Hand Experience:

This was an ideal first job as this allowed her to to see first hand what customers look for in apparel and how to entice them to consider purchasing certain items. After a few years with Abercrombie & Fitch she was able to pick up another job at Ann Taylor as a sales associate. While the roles were the same, the customers were very different. From teenagers to middle aged women, she was able to grasp what items appealed to certain ages.  

New Roles:

During her time in London studying abroad both stores were shut down, as a result of this she ended up in a new role for Madewell as a sales associate and is currently still working there. From the friendly work environment, to the amazing clothes offered in the store and customers who were kind to her she fell in love with the company as soon as she stepped foot inside. All of her retail jobs have pretty much been the same, but Madewell has been her favorite one as she has more responsibilities there.

When I asked Brianna what led her to choosing Lasell University and doing a study abroad at London College

of Fashion, University of the Arts London she replied with how impressive the fashion program was at Lasell University. She could choose from three majors, which in the end she choose Fashion Communication & Promotion. In addition to choosing this major she also minored in Graphic Design.

Regarding London College of Fashion, she chose to study abroad there for two semesters because she has always wanted to travel to London and other Lasell fashion students raved about the program. They said they learned more there than they did in school. This was because in the UK they only take classes on their major, not general education classes that are unrelated.

Polished Magazine:

During her time with Polished Magazine she wrote articles for them during her first year of college. This was when she didn’t know much about what she wanted to do in the fashion industry, so she figured that she could try writing and see what happens.

For the articles, she interviewed entrepreneurs, went to launch parties for their startup brands, and had other responsibilities that made it seem glamorous to her. Another club she joined was Fashion Styling & Photography Club this was created in the beginning of 2019 when she came back from studying abroad. Her friend started the club but she helped her out with it. It was created so Lasell students who loved fashion could join and participate without needing an extensive background in fashion.

To become a stylist for Polished Magazine, students would need a portfolio to be hired. However, in this club they wanted to allow students to be able to join their club without experience, as long as they had passion and an eye for fashion, or even just wanted to add work to their portfolio. They could style, photography, do hair and makeup, etc.

Her role in the club was Treasurer, Stylist, and one of the creative directors, in addition to this she sometimes edited the photos too. They would work on two fashion photoshoots per month and send them out to different online and/or print publications. one was even featured on Italian Vogue’s PhotoVogue online!


TESstylist was her second internship, she interned for them during her first semester of senior year in college. This was her first step into the real fashion world. In this role she assisted the fashion stylist for different photoshoots. In addition to this she also prepped for photoshoots, researched trends and assisted with brands including Converse and Puma.


From Adobe Creative Suite to Mood Boards and Fashion Styling Ms. Serio is very skilled. In her first class relating to graphic design which was during her sophomore year in college she took a class called Digital Tools for Fashion, this was her first taste of Adobe Creative Suite. What made her become very interested in it was when she studied abroad, as she took multiple classes relating to graphic design. This is where she started creating mood boards and having a lot of fun with graphic design.

Through the London College of Fashion institute she also learned how to create fashion styles, when she took a Fashion Styling class she was taught by a famous fashion stylist. They had to not only style unique looks, but they also had to find the model, photographer, makeup artist, and edit the photos. LCF was where she learned most of her skills which will be imperative to her career in fashion.


Her top accomplishment is graduating from Lasell university with a degree and minor she is passionate about, with Magna Cum Laude. In addition to this she is very proud of herself for achieving this, because she struggled in highschool a bit, and really had to push herself to try harder and do better.

Because of this she is also proud of herself for being on the E-board of the Fashion Styling & Photography Club, and going out of my comfort zone with having to manage and direct people in the club. This was something different for her as she is introverted, but it was very rewarding nonetheless.

Redefining Norms and Pour Some Colour On Me:

These were two different photoshoots that she styled for. Pour Some Colour On Me was a shoot done in London, which was for my fashion styling class. She really had to think outside of the box when it came to the styling, which she thinks was executed well considering it was her first ever photoshoot. For Redefining Norms, this was a photoshoot produced with Fashion Styling & photography Club, which was featured in Italian Vogue’s PhotoVogue.

* She believes that every single step she took holds value and has made her who she is today.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Her strengths include having a keen eye for detail, which is necessary in fashion, as well as being a creative thinker, and never being afraid to ask questions. For weaknesses, even though it is hard to admit she told me that she sometimes has self doubt and compares herself to others, because of this she sometimes overthinks. However, that can be seen as being an analytical thinker.


Something that she has been doing since graduation is selling clothes on Depop! Through this app she gets to style, shoot photos and market her clothes to customers. (her handle is  @bri_serio).

Through this app, she is able to get some money for clothes that she would donate otherwise, in addition to this she also uses Depop herself and purchases second-hand and/or vintage items. Something that she loves doing is going to concerts with her friends because it’s so much fun being able to dance to her favorite music with her friends. It is something that she is really missing during this pandemic.


Even though she usually keeps to herself, she did consider someone as a mentor while she was in London. She had three classes with one of my professors named Anna, who would help her with whatever she needed. All of the classes were based around fashion media. She was the one who helped Brianna with her graphic design skills and inspired her to not restrict herself when it came to creative thinking.


To Brianna, style means having your own look that is uniquely yours. If two people purchase the same top, they could style it very differently. That’s why she loves fashion, it is a way to express yourself and differentiate from others. Different interests that you have can also influence how you dress, which is pretty cool. For entertainment, she thinks of it as different forms of media. Each person is interested in different types of entertainment, just like style.


Her favorite type of music is alternative rock. The first time she went to a real concert when she was a freshman, for Echo & the Bunnymen. Her friend and her found it funny how they seemed to be the youngest people there, as it was really only older men. Little did she know, this would be how most future concerts she would go to would be like.

Department Store:

If she is not shopping second hand, she would have to say my favorite store is Urban Outfitters. There are so many fun pieces that she can work into her own style.

Positive Outcome:

In high school she struggled with being productive and getting work done, and her gpa suffered because of it. However, because of this, when she got to college she really wanted to try harder not only because her peers were improving, but also because she wanted it for myself. Going off of this her career and future lifestyle motivates her to do better, so she’ll be able to work her way towards her goal. In five years she would like to see herself working for a fashion magazine in New York City, or even being a creative director for a fashion startup. Having studied Fashion Communication & Promotion, and minoring in graphic design, she has many options in regards to a career in fashion media. However, she would definitely like to work for a fashion magazine within a year, which she can see happening.

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