Places to Visit in the Spring

Julia Jacobsen ‘22

As the spring approaches once again during this pandemic, you will need some fun places to go to escape your homework load or just a nice to place to visit on the weekend. I will be featuring my top five favorite places to visit in the spring which are also great places to visit in the summer as well! 

The first place is the Fruitland museum in Harvard, MA. Not the actual museum, but the hill next to the museum. This place is breathtaking to watch either the sunrise or the sunset. Get in your car, grab some food, and just sit with the windows down and the music up while watching the beautiful view.

For the second place we have York, ME. I have been going to York every year since I was around 5 years old, and it never gets old. We usually go during the summer and stay for a few days, but this place is perfect for a nice day trip. They have a cute downtown area with a bunch of shops and restaurants that are just starting to open back up for the spring! They also have two beaches, short sands and long sands. Short sands is right next to the downtown area while long sands stretches quite far and it great for a nice walk on the beach. 

Up next we have Newburyport, MA. Personally, I haven’t been to Newburyport in a few years, but the last time I went was absolutely amazing. Newburyport has no shortage of beaches, trails, and shops and restaurants. You could spend an entire day just exploring and make sure to stay for the sunset over the beach!

 The second to last place is Burlington, VT. I have only been to Burlington once but that trip was one of the best vacations I have ever taken. I was actually visiting a college, but we ended up staying a few extra days and we did a ton of exploring. Going to Church St and seeing it all lit up at night was so beautiful and I highly recommend staying a few days but a day trip is always nice too. We had amazing food at each place we went and we even visited a chocolate factory!

 For the last and final place, we have Boston, MA. Now you might be wondering why I put Boston on this list as many of these other places are more filled with nature but Boston is one of my favorite cities and I could honestly spend every day in the city. All you really need when you go to Boston is a starting point and you can just go from there exploring the city. Once all the outdoor dining is back open, there is no shortage of restaurants to go to. Personally, I like to get some food to go and either sit by the water in the Seaport District or find a nice spot in the Boston Commons. Bring some friends and just enjoy the entire day together and as I have said with many of these places, don’t forget to check out the sunset from one of the many beautiful views Boston has to offer. 

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