The Lemon Drop Shop

Joseph Letizio ‘22

From opening an online women’s boutique to dancing around to any song that drives her crazy, Kayla is always moving to the beat of her own drum. ​While an online women’s clothing boutique has always been a dream of hers, especially when her children reached the school age, she was at a crossroads to what to do next. While the practical thing was to go back to school and finish her degree, her heart told her otherwise.

Finding her Passion:

Her passion for styling and running her own business drove Ms. Reeder into her next stage in life. After, she ended up signing to go back to school, she thought that it would be the better option. Then, she got a phone call from her mom that changed the course of her life. During her talk with her mother, she said “what are you doing with your life?” Following this statement, her mother then went on to remind her that she raised a strong, confident woman who was passionate about something and she informed Kayla that she was not pursuing what she wanted which is why se felt unrewarded. From that talk back in June of 2019, Ms. Reeder began researching and compiling as much information as possible on the internet. While it wasn’t a lot, she then got her business license and figured out what her ideal customers would be, along with this she created a website, bought clothes and launched her business in August of 2019.

Following this new success, some accomplishments she has expressed to me during our conversation included how great she is at sales, along with this her huge online following/viral posts but above all else, her top accomplishment is owning her own business. Through her business, she was able to connect with a wide range of women and help them feel BEAUTIFUL as they are. As she expressed to me, woman are constantly comparing/wishing their bodies were different than they were.

If she can help them for a minute feel good in what they wear, that to her is worth 100x a single post “like”. Her boutique caters to women S-3XL. As human beings we are all different, with this being said women come in so many shapes and her clothing works for everyone. So when she hears women say, “you have made me fall in love with myself again” or “I never thought I would feel beautiful looking in the mirror, but your clothing has helped me feel more confident and excited to get dressed everyday.” To her that means much more than big sales and likes online.


When she was choosing a name, she wanted something with fruit. Although she is not sure why, but it kept replaying in her mind that she wanted a cute fun name. When she went through every fruit possible going back and forth until her sister suggested doing something with LEMONS. Within just a few seconds, the name The Lemon Drop Shop was created.

​When she started her business, it was all very hard to find information on how to start/where to begin. However, through time she did lots of research via Google and YouTube and stumbled her way through it. When she learned from her mistakes and still learning she was able to be her own mentor and be an advocate for other women. As she often has women reach out to her in hopes of starting their own business and need guidance. Through her own experience she was able to guide them.


For Ms. Reeder, style means personality without having to say a word. As you can wear bright tie-dye one day with a fun pair of earrings and the next day leggings and a comfy hoodie. Or for a guy wearing a polo with a sweater and chinos, then the next day wearing a t-shirt with a hoodie then a vest and a pair of jeans.

As style helps anyone feel confident, there is some sort of magic you feel when you feel good in clothes you have on. For Kayla she wants to spread that magic to as many women as possible. Beyond everything else, when women shop at her boutique they not only shop for themselves but their daughter as well because the pieces are ageless. (Style is ageless).


For anyone, listening to music is something I feel is good for your soul, as I tend to listen to Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, R&B, and Country. From her house to the boutique music is always being played. As she loves anything that allows her to move her taste in music ranges all over the place.  So if the music can get her up and dancing then it works, for her employees they all have different tastes in music so they all take turns listening while they pack orders, stock shelves and go live on their app.


Although she doesn’t have much time for hobbies since she owns a business, and raising three young children. She does enjoy dancing during any free time, as she was a dancer her entire life and has so much fun learning all the new TikTok dances online. She also loves to take nights off to watch movies with her husband/kids and or hang out with her neighbors and browse the aisles of Target as they complain about their dishes and laundry.

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