Football Season

By: Joseph Letizio

For many students, including myself, college is all about creating memories and learning from mistakes. Some students partake in sports to possibly achieve the chance to play pro sports after college. For others, this time is about enjoying a game you have played your whole life and the identity you have created throughout your life. Other students who do not partake in sports enjoy the games just as much as those on the field. This is what the college atmosphere is all about. Fans and athletes alike can enjoy football for various reasons. In fact, some schools have such deep rivalries that this captivates the entire student body when the game begins.

Before The Game

Prior to the start of the season, college football players get together to begin building bonds. Though this is not the only sport that does this, as almost all sports teams in college do this to form chemistry and learn how each person will interact with others. For athletes, this is what college is all about: creating that family. This is truly an interesting interaction to see occur first hand. As the semester begins to unwind, I am looking forward to the homecoming game which will take place on November 6th which is a Saturday. As COVID has impacted each of us differently, it has also impacted the sports on all college campuses. Due to this, I am looking forward to cheering on the football team as this will be my last home game as an Assumption University student.

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