Men’s Fall Fashion

By: Joseph Letizio

Embrace the cold-weather fashions! As it begins to get cold, there are several styles that one can choose to dress in accordance to. Students can get discounts at J. Crew and Asos. If you’re seeking accessories such as rings, bracelets and caps, I recommend checking out Asos. 

For Fall fashion, I recommend going to stores such as TJMAXX, JCPENNEY and H&M. At TJ MAXX, certain items are marked down on Wednesdays so make sure to check out your nearest TJ MAXX on Wednesday to get the best prices on items you may not know you needed! 

Building off of this, there are several places to get inspiration from prior to purchasing clothes at TJ MAXX, JCPENNEY, or even H&M. For individuals who are looking at their closest, and don’t know what to wear, I recommend looking at articles featured in GQ or Vogue magazine. One piece of advice I would want to give to others is that simplicity is key. For example, you could wear a jean jacket with a sweatshirt underneath (preferably black), and sweatpants and sneakers to finish off the look. 

Another stylish item to keep in your closet is an Orvis zip pullover sweatshirt. Following this outfit, you could also wear a flannel shirt with a hoodie underneath preferably grey, and match it with grey sweatpants and white sneakers. If the casual look is not for you, then you could try the more rugged look which is simply boots, jeans, a brown belt (which matches a leather brown jacket) and a henley shirt. While there are several options to choose from, the best way to go about this is by looking at what you have in your closet and building off of that.  

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