The Top Five Places to Visit in Central Mass: College Student Edition

By: Sarah Mattison

From a girl who grew up in central Massachusetts, sometimes the internet can give us a “must-do” in the area for fall that can be a bit repetitive. However, through the many commercialized fall experiences Central Massachusetts offers, these five places have stood out to me more than others. If you can get off campus and go to any of these locations, I highly recommend them to any student who wants to get out and about in the brisk, fall air. 

1. Wachusett Mountain 

Wachusett Mountain is a very popular spot amongst the people of Central Mass. No matter if you are with family, friends, team, or even by yourself, there is always something to do. Wachusett Mountain also has hiking trails that bring you to the beautiful peak

2. Moore State Park

Moore State Park is one of the most beautiful landscapes you will come across in all of Massachusetts. This 400-acre spot is perfect for all ages and has enough space to explore for hours. Some highlights of Moore are the many hiking trails that aren’t too intense, an old sawmill, a pavilion with multiple Adirondack chairs, and gorgeous waterfalls. There are also several picnic tables around which creates great opportunities for reunions, group activities, and friend/family time. This Park is also a great spot for a first date, so pack up those blankets and laptops and head to Moore for a cozy fall day!

3. Central Mass Rail Trail/ Old Stone Church

The Old Stone Church is one of Central Mass’s most well-known landmarks. Located in West Boylston, the Old Stone Church is a reconstruction of an 1800s church that was destroyed in a fire. However, the church was abandoned less than a decade after the reconstruction due to the Wachusett Reservoir being constructed. Locals use this spot primarily as a photo location for proms, weddings, and senior portraits. The foliage in West Boylston is reason enough to get off campus, but the Old Stone Church makes fall a little more special. 

4. Stone Cow Brewery

You may be wondering why a brewery is on the list of the best places to go for college students when a large percentage of college students cannot legally drink! However, Stone Cow Brewery is so much more than just alcoholic beverages. For years, Stone Cow has had a 1,000-acre farm on which cows produce raw milk. Stone Cow also offers a variety of food choices, most specifically their delicious BBQ dishes. Come on out to Stone Cow for a day with friends and family, listen to some live music from amazing local artists, and have yourself a great time.

5. Rocco’s Doughnut Company

Are you an adventurous eater? Do you have a sweet tooth? If you said yes to either of these, Rocco’s Doughnut Company located in Westborough is the place for you. Rocco’s offers some of the most diverse amounts of donut flavors you may ever come across: Maple bacon, caramel Nutella fried dough, cinnamon toast crunch, and so many more. Personally, I recommend the fruity pebble donut; it does not disappoint! Make sure you get there early before they sell out.

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